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First of all, we care about people. We are here to stand for the privacy rights on the Internet.

Our idea was generated out of the frustrations of the current social media environment when trying to share our family moments over the Internet. We simply don't trust the social media industry as a whole, which is founded based on the concerning deceptive practices of leaking people's personal information.

As parents, we want the strongest level of security and privacy when sharing our family lives over the Internet. We personally believe as founders that our intimate relationships should be celebrated in private and without worries of someone peeking over our shoulders. We are creating something we need and want personally.


Secure Decentralized Computing

We're developing a new form of social network based on the strongest level of security possible in this category that enables true cybersecure with user autonomy built directly into its architecture and protocols. We will ensure data privacy and confidentiality to the highest standards.

Swiss Privacy

All our servers are located in Switzerland, which means all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

End-to-End Encryption

All accounts will be secured automatically with end-to-end encryption. This means even we cannot decrypt and read your content. As a result, your encrypted information cannot be shared with third parties.

Anonymous Account

No personal information will be required to create your secure account. As a matter of fact, we will never log your location, IP address, device info, view click tracking, and so on. We're committed to protecting you, your privacy comes first.

Why Join Us

Ethos 4 is a individualistic private social network for people who want to safely secure and privately share their digital medium with family and friends over the Internet. Members will be able to set up their own tailored secure private social networks that will mainly comprise of closer more intimate people in their lives.

We do not intrude or spy on sharing digital private moments with family and friends, nor do we interrupt those private moments with solicitation. A completely secure social network that gives people complete control over their digital property.

Meet The Team

Find out who are making Ethos 4 possible. Meet our great team.

Eric Schink
Founder & CEO
Diego Roberto
Co-founder & VP
Kleber Roberto
Co-founder & CTO

What Is It About

We Work Hard to Make Life Safer for You and Your Family

The foundational problem Ethos 4 will solve is based on Internet privacy and the protection of our personal digital portfolios. We believe we are living in an era where Internet privacy is a real issue that needs to be addressed. In order to objectively look at the Internet privacy issue, it is necessary to hear both sides of the argument in order to formulate an educated opinion.

There are different kinds of Internet privacy. There is financial transaction privacy, social privacy, personal information privacy, credit privacy, consumer privacy, personal family privacy and privacy from tracking and monitoring Internet behavior. All these types of digital privacy is relevant to our digital lives, these are all the ways our Internet privacy can be violated.

There are plenty of governmental agencies and tech companies who have a vested interest in collecting personal information on all of us. We have the tech companies, we have the governmental agencies and these two groups have been known to work together in the past. The hackers maliciously attack the inadequate security tech companies to take advantage of keeping all of our personal data in one place. Only have to hack one location in order to get everything they need on everybody.

There are a vast array of reasons why our personal information is valuable to some inquiring entity. The problem is we the people never know the specific why, it is a concealed secret until it's on the news.

The tech companies want to capitalize on the personal information collected. The government wants to collect everything regardless of what it is. Between these two large surveillance players, there is no digital privacy.

A large and current problem with our personal information security is connected to our digital social lives. The third party entities that have an interest in our digital information, buy personal information or it is leaked, hacked from any intelligence gathering website. That information is then used at the discretion of the third parties who eventually exploit the people for whatever rationale.

To what extent of exploitation varies from each end of the spectrum that tops out at influencing presidential elections. The Internet business model that relies strictly on advertising and analytical data collection that is sold to third parties, is proven to be a personal security threat. Intelligence gathering companies are built for individual digital exploitation, it is their business model.

Ethos 4 will provide the digital privacy, protection and peace of mind that comes with being secure in our collective digital effects. We believe that the people of the world are entitled to have their right to social internet privacy to further enhance the intimacy of personal relationships. We firmly believe that sharing our lives through digital medium via the Internet is an important and vital part of our current lives, which is why we need to preserve it with protection.

Our services will be securely simplified with core features that focus on sharing moments with others without any other distractions. Our thinking is, when we personally want to interact and share intimate moments with our loved ones over the Internet, we want to be relaxed and comfortable with the digital environment.

We believe by simplifying the socializing paradigm, it takes the focus off a website and puts our attention on what is important, the relationship connection. We believe that a website shouldn't be the point of the socializing, it is just a means to the most important ends which is connection with others.

All your data on Ethos 4 will be securely protected. We will use state-of-the-art cryptographic methods to protect your data with logical and physical security. Ethos 4 will comply with global data protection and privacy laws such as GDPR. As a user, you decide what you want to share with friends, and what to keep private.

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